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Picture book suggestions, lists, inspired activities and more will help you with teaching your elementary English Language Arts curriculum and science curriculum.

Read this list to find wonderful animal life cycles picture books to read to your students
11 Fantastic Animal Life Cycles Books by John Himmelman

One of my favorite things to do with third graders is to go to vernal pools in the spring and try to find animal life cycles in the water. These rich outdoor labs provided my students the opportunity to see frogs and toads in at least three different stages as well as many invertebrates. They […]

Read this kids Earth Day books list with 18 titles that will inspire elementary students this year
18 Kids Earth Day Books to Inspire Elementary Students This Year

Picture books are an amazing way to learn about the world and can be an invaluable tool for introducing children to abstract concepts such as the meaning of Earth Day. This inspirational kids Earth Day books list is compiled of 18 titles that introduce the planet, encourage the enjoyment of nature, and share positive human […]

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